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Virtual Physiotherapy Now Available!

As we abide by the COVID-19 guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus and to decrease the demand on the health care system, we are fully committed in helping you reduce or eliminate your pain and to maximize your movement via a tele-health portal!  Get high quality treatment from the comfort of your home!  Watch the video below about our virtual physiotherapy and telehealth service!

What to Expect?

  • Initial assessment and ongoing assessments to monitor your progress.
  • Exercise prescription, supervised therapeutic exercise and appropriate progressions. Videos and PDF’s of the information you need with the use of Physiotec software.
  • Instruction for the use of home-based modalities, including electrical stimulation and heat and cold applications (if already owned by you).
  • Self-administered techniques such as soft tissue massage or frictions under the direction of the physiotherapist, including patient education on how to do and at what intensity.
  • Support for self-management, education, coaching and reassurance for patients and for caregivers. This includes teaching patient’s families how to assist in performing stretches or guide home exercises.
  • Assessment of how patients are functioning and adapting in their home environments, including assessment of fall risks and other functional activities of daily living assessments.
  • Bracing, donning, removal and check in on fit and outcomes for bracing.

Which Tele-Health Portal we’ll be using?

We will be using On Call Health, which is a virtual platform that allows providers like us to engage securely with you, as our clients across all devices.

Curious to know how effective Virtual Physiotherapy & Tele-Health Practice can be? Why not try a FREE 15 minute discovery call.

Please contact us at 905-450-7870 or email us at and let us know that you would like to set up a Physiotherapy session to be provided online via a tele-health portal.

If you have any questions, concerns or are unsure if tele-health is right for you, please contact us at the number or email provided.

Set Up a Virtual Appointment

Please contact us at 905-450-7870 or email us at and let us know that you would like to set up a Physiotherapy session to be provided online via a tele-health portal.