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Theresa D. Janikowski, RMT
Theresa is a Massage Therapy Practitioner educated in Europe (Poland) and in Ontario, Canada.  She graduated from the massage therapy program at Kikkawa College in Toronto in 2001, and has since practised in the GTA area.  For over 15 years Theresa has been involved  in the rehabilitative program at Queen West Physiotherapy Clinic in Brampton.   Her goal as a Massage Therapist is to eliminate the causes of patients’ complaints and focus on such matters as:
  • Assessing each client’s condition thoroughly and accurately;
  • Designing  and administering effective, individualized treatments;
  • Striving for efficiency in resolving patient’s condition;
  • Approaching professionally all aspects of her practice;
  • Dedicating  herself to the pursuit of lifelong learning.
Theresa  D. Janikowski, RMT