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Stop Your Pain NOW before it becomes Chronic – as you read all about T.E.N.S., you will begin to understand why you can’t afford to waste anymore time getting less than everything life has to offer!

TENS and Acute Scapular Pain

Over the past five years, I have been experiencing one to two episodes of moderate to severe pain in my upper back and shoulder blade. I cannot always correlate it to a specific cause but I know
that often a combination of being overtired, lifting a heavy load and being in cold weather, will contribute to this pain. This pain often will last about a week or so.

The last couple of times I have had this pain, however, I tried using TENS on the area of pain, for about 20 to 30 minutes, about two times a day for a few days. Each time I used the TENS, the pain was reduced by about 70 percent. After two days of use, the pain was eliminated completely.

TENS allows my muscles to relax and enables me to stretch the painful area further. It reduces my pain so much that I can sleep without having any disturbances and I can concentrate on my daily work. It is such a simple, yet effective way to manage my pain and I’m so happy that I know about this.

I would recommend TENS to any of my family members or friends.

Chris K

TENS during Labour

Months and weeks before I went into labour, I knew for sure that I did not want to have an epidural or take any drugs while giving birth to my child. I also knew that I do not handle pain very
well. So, I was planning to use a T.E.N.S. unit to help manage my contractions.

Sure enough, when the time came, on the early hours of a cold day in November, I started having my first contractions. As soon as I started using the T.E.N.S. unit, after two hours of managing the contractions on my own, the pain was a lot easier to handle. I was thus able to stay at home until the contractions were 3 minutes apart. When I went to the hospital, I was already 9 centimeters dilated, and was ready to go into full labour.

I am really glad that I had a T.E.N.S. unit to help me manage my pain up until that point. Without it, I probably would have chickened out and opted for some drugs. When my baby was born, he was not sedated and he was fully alert, making it easier for us to bond right away.

I will definitely use the T.E.N.S. unit again in the future if I’m blessed with another pregnancy. I also highly recommend it to all of my friends and family. I am so happy that I did not have had to use drugs! The T.E.N.S. unit was a safe, non-invasive and effective way to manage my labour pain.


How to Buy a T.E.N.S. Unit

You can Buy A T.E.N.S. Unit 3 Different Ways:

OPTION 1: ONLINE NOW THROUGH PAYPAL – our secured payment processor of choice. CAN BE SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE WITHIN NORTH AMERICA! Low Cost Shipping Available (only $10 to anywhere in North America).

OPTION 2: FAX AND TELEPHONE ORDERS – CAN ALSO BE SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE WITHIN NORTH AMERICA! Low Cost Shipping Available (only $10 in Canada and $15 in the U.S.). To order a T.E.N.S. unit, print out a fax order form or call us at 905-450-7870, toll free at 1-866-410-TENS.

OPTION 3: T.E.N.S. UNITS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT QUEEN WEST PHYSIOTHERAPYin Brampton, Ontario – not only do you get a quality T.E.N.S. unit, but you also receive professional advice on how to use one!



We strongly recommend that before you purchase a T.E.N.S. unit, you read everything you need to know about electrotherapy.

You can choose from one of FIVE Recommended units available.


T.E.N.S. is covered by most medical plans or extended health benefit plans, up to 100% by some either through direct payment or reimbursement after purchase. What this means to you is that you can benefit from one of the most sophisticated T.E.N.S. units around at absolutely NO COST to you! A written referral or prescription from your doctor may be required (note: for clients in the U.S., regulations require that we have a prescription on file from a healthcare professional)

If you need help finding out this information, please contact us.

View Our T.E.N.S. Unit Selection and choose the right model for you.

Choosing the right clinic can make you feel a whole lot better, a whole lot sooner.

Let us help you on your road to recovery.

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