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Most women find TENS to significantly reduce pain during labour and also decrease their level of anxiety. However, about 20% of women have not found TENS to be useful. If one is not sure, the best thing to do is to try using TENS during the first few minutes of contractions, then compare it to the feeling after the TENS unit is turned off.

It is recommended that you get proper training on how to use the TENS, at least a few weeks before your due date.

One can use the TENS on either Burst or Normal mode. From our experience, most women seem to prefer the Normal mode, which offers pain relief by using the Gate Control Theory. This mechanism controls pain by over-riding the pain message with the sensation of tingling, thereby decreasing the pain you feel.

A common area to place the electrodes is about half an inch on each side of the midline of the spine, halfway between the bottom of the shoulder blades and the waist. Another common area is on each side of the sacrum – the flat bone between the two buttocks, just below the waist, where there are often two dimples. When controlling the intensity of TENS, vary the intensity between the contraction phase and the no contraction phase During the contraction, increase the intensity as the contraction gets stronger and decrease it as it eases off. Some women like to start off by using only one set ofchannels, and as the pain intensifies later, they start also using the second set of channels. If maximum intensity has been reached, sometimes, increasing the Pulse Width will help reduce the pain.

If you have had an epidural, stop using the TENS as it no longer has an effect. If you have not had an epidural, continue using the TENS as long as you are having some relief. The doctor will often advise you to stop the TENS at the start of delivery.

It is recommended that you take an extra battery with you just in case the first one is depleted.

For many women, TENS helps one to experience a more relaxed and controlled labour.

Effectiveness of TENS based on our Physiotherapists’ Experience. Our physiotherapists have found TENS to be helpful in managing about 50% of chronic pain conditions and very helpful in quickening recovery of most acute pain conditions. We have also found TENS to be extrememly helpful in pain management during labour.

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How to Buy a T.E.N.S. Unit

You can Buy A T.E.N.S. Unit 3 Different Ways:

OPTION 1: ONLINE NOW THROUGH PAYPAL – our secured payment processor of choice. CAN BE SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE WITHIN NORTH AMERICA! Low Cost Shipping Available (only $10 to anywhere in North America).

OPTION 2: FAX AND TELEPHONE ORDERS – CAN ALSO BE SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE WITHIN NORTH AMERICA! Low Cost Shipping Available (only $10 in Canada and $15 in the U.S.). To order a T.E.N.S. unit, print out a fax order form or call us at 905-450-7870, toll free at 1-866-410-TENS.

OPTION 3: T.E.N.S. UNITS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT QUEEN WEST PHYSIOTHERAPY in Brampton, Ontario – not only do you get a quality T.E.N.S. unit, but you also receive professional advice on how to use one!



We strongly recommend that before you purchase a T.E.N.S. unit, you read everything you need to know about electrotherapy.

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T.E.N.S. is covered by most medical plans or extended health benefit plans, up to 100% by some either through direct payment or reimbursement after purchase. What this means to you is that you can benefit from one of the most sophisticated T.E.N.S. units around at absolutely NO COST to you! A written referral or prescription from your doctor may be required (note: for clients in the U.S., regulations require that we have a prescription on file from a healthcare professional). If you need help finding out this information, please contact us.

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