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Tennis Elbow affects the outer part of the elbow. People can acquire this injury in many other sports than just tennis. Furthermore, sports such as swimming or climbing can also cause it too. In addition, tennis elbow also affects many workers who have repetitive movements (i.e. manual workers).

First of all, tennis elbow is considered an “over use” injury and is seen in many people who use the same repetitive motions throughout their daily activities. In addition, any sufferers complain of radiating pain from the outside of their elbow down towards their wrist. Lastly, it will decrease strength in gripping items in their hands, and point tenderness over the lateral epicondyle.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow includes wrist extension and flexion stretching and strengthening, ice and/or heat application, therapeutic ultrasound, and manual manipulation of the elbow joint.

Where does it cause pain? 

It causes pain on the outside of the elbow and on the upper forearm.

When does it cause pain?

You usually feel pain with gripping, typing or any use of wrist and sometimes even when resting.  This often develops with repetitive wrist and elbow movements such as computer use, heavy lifting, and certain sports.

Is there another name for Tennis Elbow?

Yes, it is called Lateral Epicondylitis.  It is called this because it is actual inflammation of the part of the bone on the elbow that is called the epicondyle.  It is where the wrist tendons attach and these wrist tendons along with their muscles are responsible for moving the wrist so that when your palm is facing the floor, your hand will move upwards due to movement at the wrist joint.  It is called Tennis Elbow because often people who play a lot of tennis get this due to the repetitive hitting of the ball.  However, it is only 5% of people with this condition that have gotten it from playing tennis.

What type of treatment is helpful for Tennis Elbow?
There are several types of interventions that can be proposed by your physiotherapist to help reduce and eliminate pain and improve function. These include:
– transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
– ultrasound therapy
– laser therapy
– advice on how to modify your activities
– stretching
– strengthening
– acupuncture
– cupping
– dry needling
– therapeutic taping
– bracing
If you need more information about treatment for tennis elbow, email or call 905-450-7870.