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sports-injuriesWe treat all types of sports injuries, ranging from ACL tears in the knee to simple sprains of the ankle or joint separations of the shoulder. Whether you have an ongoing problem from an old injury or you have just hurt yourself, we can help. First of all, our experienced staff will accurately assess your problem and provide you with the rehabilitation that you need in order to return to your sport as soon as possible. Furthermore, early recovery and active rehabilitation are important goals in the treatment of sports injuries. Lastly, our clinic is equipped with a large gym and the appropriate tools to help you achieve these goals.

Please keep the following prevention tips in mind as they will help you reduce your injury risk:

  • Participate in a conditioning program to build muscle strength
  • Do stretching exercises daily
  • Always wear properly fitting shoes
  • Nourish your muscles by eating a well-balanced diet
  • Warm up before any sports activity, including practice
  • Use or wear protective equipment appropriate for that sport

Whether your sport is soccer, hockey, basketball or golf, after you have properly healed, we ensure that you receive the appropriate exercises and drills to prevent a re-occurrence and enhance your performance so that you can return to your sport in top notch shape.