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EmWave Personal Stress Reliever

Relieve stress and improve your concentration with this pocket biofeedback system.

The emWave Personal Stress Reliever uses stress relief technology that helps you balance your emotions, mind and body. It does this by displaying your level of heart rhythm coherence in real time and guides you toward stress relief by training you to shift into a coherent, high performance state.

This system also comes with the Coherence Coach ™ CD, an alming stress relief software application that teaches a Quick Coherence ® technique for stress relief and i performance improvement. Step-by-step, the use of animations and music, effectively facilitate your heart rhythm to become more uniform.

This handheld, portable and convenient pocket system, can help you to reduce stress, balance emotions and increase performance anytime, anywhere. It is especially useful when preparing for highly stressful meetings, for improving sleep, to improve athletic performance, to overcome the effects of stress associated with health issues or to recover quickly from stressful situations. If used preventatively, it can drastically improve your daily performance and success in life.

Comparison of the emWave Personal Stress Reliever and traditional Deep Breathing Techniques

Experiencing positive emotions is the key to stress relief. This is attained by not only controlling the heart rate, but by also generating feelings of appreciation and compassion. Using the breathing pacer found in the emWave in conjunction with generating positive emotions, helps synchronize your nervous system and creates positive changes in your heart rhythm patterns to create and sustain the coherence needed for stress relief.


  • Colorful LED Displays
  • Audio Feedback
  • Instructional Stress Relief Technique On How To Generate Positive Emotions
  • Sharpens Your Ability To Reduce Stress
  • Increases Vitality, Mental Clarity And Emotional Balance
  • Helps you to get better, more restful sleep