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Infracare Socks

Great for Cold Feet, Diabetic Feet or those with Raynaud’s

Do you have poor circulation in the feet?

These socks are embedded with Bio Materials that are safe, and help to keep the feet warm. They are non-constrictive and breathable. Since your body is constantly radiating heat, it makes it easy for Infracare socks to re-direct this heat back to your feet on a continuous basis.

These socks act like a self contained heat generator. They are guaranteed to keep your feet warm.

They come in two colours: WHITE & BLACK


  • Small: Male 6-7 & Female 4 – 6
  • Medium: Male 8-9 & Female 7 – 10
  • Large: Male 10 – 12 & Female 11 +
  • X-Large: Male 13 – 14

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