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patellofemoral-pain-syndromePatellofemoral syndrome is caused by either an increase in abnormal forces placed on the knee, or because of prolonged repetitive compression on to the patellofemoral joint. It most commonly affects runners, cyclists, and basketball players and those who suffer from it complain of pain, especially while playing sports, climbing stairs or trying to stand after sitting for a long period of time.

Treatment for Patellofemoral Syndrome includes exercises to help strengthen the quadricep muscles, such as squats, “knee extensions”, stretching for the hip, hamstring and calf. Rest may be recommended if there has been extensive overload put onto the Patellofemoral joint. Those who commonly take part in high impact activities like running, it will be recommended that they participate in lower impact ones such as swimming, until the knee heals.

In addition to Physiotherapy treatment, it has been found that taping has also been beneficial to stabilize the knee. The goal of taping is to correct the position of the knee cap and facilitate strengthening of the quadriceps. Custom made orthotics have also been shown to help improve poor lower extremity biomechanics, decreasing stress on the knees.