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Lifting Correctly

Lifting Correctly

            Injuries caused by lifting are very common. To make sure that you do not hurt yourself, assess the weight to be lifted and seek assistance if the weight is too heavy.

Start by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and point your toes out for a stable base of support.

It is important to remember to activate the core, which will protect the back throughout the lift, and remember to breathe throughout the action.

When bending to pick up the weight, keep the back straight and never bend at the waist. Keeping the weight close to the body, lift slowly by straightening the leg and hip joints, keeping the back straight. When the weight is lifted, avoid twisting by using your feet to change direction and keeping your shoulders and hips parallel with movement.

It is important to remember not to rush a lift, and to also perform the lift in a slow and controlled manner.

Choosing the right clinic can make you feel a whole lot better, a whole lot sooner.

Let us help you on your road to recovery.

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