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headachesA headache is characterized by pain in the head and/or neck area, which results from the disruption of pain-sensitive structures surrounding the brain. The causes of headaches are diverse, and treatment typically begins with the use of pain relievers like Tylenol.

Headaches are broadly categorized into two types:

Primary headaches encompass migraines, tension headaches, stabbing headaches, exertion headaches, and cluster headaches. These headaches are typically pulsating pain that affect one or both sides of the head, and last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Secondary headaches result from head or neck trauma, such as whiplash following a car accident.

Acupuncture is considered to be an effective treatment for headaches. Our Acupuncturist has devised a comprehensive treatment plan for patients. Additionally, it is helpful to maintain proper hydration, adhere to regular sleep patterns, and manage stress and anxiety levels. Lastly, our physiotherapists ensure that any tightened neck muscles leading to headaches, are released to relieve tension and eliminate a muscle tension headache.

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