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forearm-fracturesColles Fracture:

A Colles fracture occurs when someone breaks their fall with outstretched arms, resulting in a fracture of the radius bone that resembles a “dinner fork” appearance. Treatment typically involves casting, and after the cast is removed, gentle mobilization and strengthening exercises are done by a physiotherapist. Additionally, techniques such as ice application and therapeutic ultrasound may be used to manage swelling.

Scaphoid Fracture:

A scaphoid fracture is more common than a Colles fracture. It causes pain and swelling at the base of the thumb. Treatment varies depending on the specific location of the fracture.

We offer modalities like ice and heat therapy to reduce swelling in the wrist area. We also employ the use of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to stimulate the tissues surrounding the forearm. Furthermore, therapeutic ultrasound or laser therapy is used to break down scar tissue around the supporting muscles and reduce inflammation in the shoulder joint. This helps in alleviating pain and discomfort.

Our experienced therapists will guide patients through tailored exercise programs that are designed to strengthen supporting muscles. They will also teach manual stretches that can be performed anywhere to reduce muscle tension and fatigue.

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