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Colles Fracture

This type of fracture occurs when a person breaks their fall with outstretched arms, causing the radius bone to fracture in a “dinner fork” appearance. Treatment will depend on the severity of the fracture, but will be casted. After removing the cast, the physiotherapist will able to being gentle mobilization. Therefore it will address swelling by using ice and therapeutic ultrasound, and strengthening exercises.

Scaphoid Fracture

This type of fracture is more common than the colles fracture, in addition this will cause pain and swelling at the base of the thumb. Treatment for a scaphoid fracture depends on the specific location of fracture in the bone.

We also provide modalities such as ice and heat in order to reduce swelling on the wrist area. We also use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit in order to stimulate the tissues surrounding the forearm. Therapeutic Ultrasound is also used in order to break down scar tissues around the supporting muscles, it also reduces inflammation around the shoulder joint that causes pain and discomfort.

Our therapist will guide patients  through exercise programs that will help the supporting muscles get stronger and they will also teach you manual stretches that can be perform anywhere in order to reduce muscle tension and fatigue.