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What is EMS Therapy ?

EMS is an acronym used for electrical muscle stimulation. EMS treatments have been used by athletes around the world, and are gaining more popularity to the treatments ability to push the body further.

This piece of equipment uses low-voltage, gentle electrical impulses to stimulate the body for the purpose of healing and controlling the pain.

The different magnetic signals produced helps to improve the transport of ions and membranes, which ultimately stimulate correct cell function and regeneration. The targeted tissue area will slowly begin to return to its natural state of balance, and lead to improved health.

Using an electrical pulse to generate a muscle contraction can help enhance muscles strength, performance and recovery. You are able to achieve a stronger muscle contraction with an EMS treatment than compared to a natural contraction. This will ultimately lead to an increase in muscles ability to perform.

An EMS treatment is ideal if you’ve been injured and you are trying to rehab your muscles and/or range of motion. Also if you are trying to prevent atrophy while you heal, EMS treatments will most certainly help with that.  Additionally, a person who has pulled a muscle or has gone through an intense workout should use EMS treatment.

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