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As leaders who are committed to delivering outstanding results, we embrace the following core values that together are reflected in the way we work toward our mission, with each other, and our community.

Honesty & Integrity

We commit to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice in all of our endeavours and confront all issues with genuine care.

Accountability & Responsibility

We demonstrate personal and collective accountability and responsibility in all of our programs and fulfill our promises to our clients and associates.

Respect & Teamwork

We are inclusive and supportive, both internally and externally, in our work together. We ensure high levels of respect between colleagues and in each client relationship. All projects, tasks and services are provided through efficient teamwork efforts.

Excellence & Innovation

We create an environment where learning, initiative, and creativity flourish. We encourage innovation in our pursuit of excellence.

Diversity & Balance

We respect and build upon individual differences and perspectives. We are sensitive to each other’s and our personal, family and employment goals.


Information we acquire as a result of our work is treated as strictly confidential.


We make all decisions without bias and keep the distance necessary to maintain trust in our involvement.

Service Dedication

We engage in work with clients only when our qualifications to do so are clear. We dedicate ourselves to meeting our clients’ expectations for service continuity and integrity.

Human Dignity

Whether resolving an individual problem or assisting in an organization’s vital changes, we do so in a manner that maintains an individual’s dignity and self-worth.


We are subject to peer review and conduct our services according to the standards of practice and code of ethics set down by our provincial licensing bodies.