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Causes of Cold FeetFrostbite: frostbite occurs when tissues freeze, typically in temperatures below the freezing point of skin. Even those accustomed to cold climates can be susceptible to this condition.

Hypothyroidism: hypothyroidism, often caused by inflammation of the thyroid gland, affects many, including women post-pregnancy. Other causes include congenital defects, radiation treatments, radioactive iodine usage, surgical thyroid removal, and viral thyroiditis.

Peripheral neuropathy: this encompasses various conditions, from carpal tunnel syndrome to Guillain-Barre syndrome, particularly prevalent among individuals over 55, affecting 3% to 4% of this demographic.

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD): in specific, peripheral artery disease (PAD) results from arteries becoming partially or completely blocked due to atherosclerosis, affecting blood flow to internal organs, arms, and legs.

Raynaud’s phenomenon: causes discoloration of fingers or toes after exposure to temperature changes or emotional events. This sequence involves turning white, then blue, due to reduced blood supply, before flushing red as vessels reopen.

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