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How Does Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Help With Seasonal Allergies?

How does Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine help with Seasonal Allergies?

Most of the time allergens can be predictable. One of the best ways to decrease our allergic reactions is by lowering the irritability of the body. The way to decrease this is by reducing acid wastes that underlie the over-defense state re-quired for allergies to happen. The most common times for allergen sensitivity to occur is in the early spring or early fall. By lowering the irritability in the body from allergens we are removing excess acidity and increase natural cleansing of the body. This can be achieved by drinking a cup of anti-acid tea following breakfast each day as well as consuming digestive. This will bring balance to the digestive system and decrease the sensitivity to stress and diet based allergies. Tom Kiroplis sells cooling teas that are very efficient for seasonal allergies.

An Acid-Reducing Diet:

If you are experiencing long term allergies, a diet containing steamed green vegetables, white basmati rice, and green tea for two to five days can be soothing. This will allow for cleansing of the body, and there is a chance weight loss may occur. Another important aspect of your diet is protein consumption as this prevents feeling weak. Tofu, fish and daily vitamin and mineral supplements can assist in making sure you have enough protein in your diet. Zinc, vitamin C, antioxidants and beta-carotene can assist in reducing stress-related allergies as well.

Digestion-Related Allergies:

Insufficient digestion can cause weakness and stuck circulation, it can lead to a clogged head, decreased concentration and sinus conditions. This could be due to diet, and consuming foods that are harder to digest. If discomfort is felt after consuming simple foods, this can determine that the weakness comes from your digestion. In Chinese medicine, the way to reverse this is to build digestive chi, which can be achieved using herbs.

Sinus Allergies:

Weak digestion can exacerbate sinus allergies, but other factors such as animal fur, pollen, weather, trees and grass can cause sinus congestion and inflammation. Allergies can also be complicated by digestive phlegm, which causes the clogged feeling associated with allergies. There are many different herbs that can treat hay fever, congestion, sinus pain and others that can treat digestive weakness.

Pollens, Seafood and Dust Allergies:

To reduce itchy eyes, pain from sinuses, inflammation and feverish head symptoms, Bi Yan Pian can be used to remedy these symptoms. Bi Yan Pian is nose inflammation pills containing philodendron bark, forsythia fruit and anemarrhena. These ingredients work to dry phlegm, quiet coughs and reduce  itching. Bi Yan Pian can treat sneezing, itching eyes, congestion and pain, and typical allergy symptoms. Pollen allergy pills help with symptoms related to seafood, dust and almost all pollens. Pe Mi Kan helps to treat allergic rhinitis, chronic and acute sinusitis, rubella and skin rashes.

Chronic Rhinitis:

Chronic rhinitis can be very weakening.  After, an explosive sneezing is followed by tiredness, difficult breathing, chills, and frequent urination from weakness. Taking milk thistle is a long term treatment of chronic allergies, including rebuilding the health of your stressed liver. It has been used to treat cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and liver poisoning from chemicals or drug and alcohol abuse.

Acute Allergy Cures

Homeopathic medicines work well for acute illness because the dosage depends on the patients needs. The pills are easy to take as they melt right away in your mouth and are absorbed into blood.  They offer quick and effective relief for allergic discomforts without having any side effects on the body. These medicines contain small doses of allergens specific to seasonal allergies such as ragweed, goldenrod, and onion for relief of sinus headaches. They also contain ingredients to cure dry watery eyes and nose such as pulsatilla and natrum muriate. These medicines react by strengthening your natural immune responses and allow you to tolerate the allergen. The best strength of homeopathic remedy to take for acute problems is 30c, which refers to the number of times the original substance has been diluted. The remedies come in small pills, pellets, or liquid extracts that are convenient and easy to go.

Seasonal and Food Allergies

Some of the symptoms for seasonal and food allergies are red eyes, sore throat, sinus, head pain, sneezing, dry cough, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, moodiness, poor concentration and nausea. Some dairy products which are oily, rich, sweet, hot spices make the allergy worse as they slow circulation by congesting digestion and increases sharp electric pain, red, inflamed joints and muscle spasms. What makes it better, is cleansing diet and anti acid herbs, cumin/coriander, fennel tea, Aloe Vera and simple food combinations. Remedies for this type of allergies are Xiao Yao Wan, Relaxed wandered for Ingestion. For Sinuses, Xiao Yao Wan, Relaxed Wanderer, Bi Yan Pian, Pe Min Kan and Alpha SH. For Anti-sinus-congestion tea: Boil one handful each of magnolia buds and Chinese chrysanthemum flowers in 1 quart water for 5 minutes and drink as hot tea, 1 cup two or three times daily, between meals.