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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Yourself For Running This Spring Season

5 Easy Steps to prepare yourself for Running this Spring Season

                One of the most common ways to get exercise is by running or jogging. This can be a very efficient way to get daily exercise, but the most common problem people have is not knowing how or where to start on their running program.

One of the first steps is slowly move your way into running from walking. Start your program with walking, slowly incorporate small windows of time during that walk that you are jogging, and then move into incorporating a larger amount of time where you are running. You do not need to go right into running in your first session, you need to allow your body to transition into the program and slowly incorporate larger running periods. The next tip is to walk and run slowly. You want to run at a pace that you would be able to carry out a conversation while exercising. The walking period should be done at a slower pace to allow your body to recover and prepare to run again.

The next tip is to make sure you are wearing attire that is comfortable and will allow you to perform your entire program. When selecting shoes, overall you want the shoes to have a snug fit, not too tight but allow for some movement of the foot side to side and about a thumb’s width from the end of your toe to the end of the shoe. You want the shoe to be comfortable with your individual foot shape and fit to the contours of your foot. You want your clothing to be loose and comfortable to allow your body to breathe. You want to make sure you are looking ahead at the weather conditions and plan your attire according to the environmental conditions.

One of the biggest problems people have with starting a program is finding time to do it. The next tip is to plan your run days in advance to schedule around it and make sure you have time to complete it. You also want to have days where you plan to give your body a break and rest your legs. If you do choose to participate in some type of activity on those days, be sure you work other areas of your body and give your legs a rest. Especially when you are in the early stages of starting your program, you want to make sure there are days where you are giving yourself a break.

Posture is one of the key factors that will allow your running to be more successful. You want your body to be relaxed as possible, with your head and feet facing forward. You want to try and land on your mid-foot and make sure you are not bouncing into your next stride when you land. Keep your hands relaxed and at waist level. You should be checking your posture throughout your run and fixing any posture that could create an injury.

The last tip is to make sure you are staying hydrated and are properly nourished prior to running. The best way to ensure you are nourished during a run is to have a light snack 1 ½ -2 hours before you begin. This will ensure you are comfortable during your run. It is also very important to stay hydrated and to drink water before, during and after your run. This will allow for your body to recover quicker and keep your body hydrated after sweating during activity.